A Big Data Collection, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Platform for Every Farmer

Enjoy the financial freedom you deserve by investing in Elite Nation's E-law bond investment platform. This is the smartest decision you can make today.

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AgriTech Startup

We use cutting-edge Technologies to improve Productivity

Elite Nation is a private investment company that helps people invest in profitable law bonds. Where the company borrows your finance as an investment to invest in funding safe settlement


We use AI to provide farmers with real-time insights from their fields, allowing them to identify areas that need irrigation, fertilization, or pesticide treatment.


Blockchain agriculture enables the traceability of information in the food supply chain to improve food safety


Data collection allows for farmers to approach conservation at a landscape-scale, versus at the farm or even the county level

Our Platform Features

Truly Intelligent Farming®

Hefarcam has pioneered the use of computer machine vision and deep learning neural networks to create the next generation of autonomous indoor farms. We analyze thousands of data points across hundreds of metrics – to create per-plant visibility – for every plant. For every cycle. That’s truly intelligent farming. That’s Hefarcam.

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Smart, integrated datasets to track, monitor, and manage farms

Help Farmers integrates remote sensing and satellite data with ML models to optimize the yields, reduce production costs, and provide a detailed report of soil productivity.

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Data Collection for Smart Agriculture

Why You Trust Our Service

Help Farmers uses farm analytics that help farmers monitor, measure,and mitigate any deficiencies and support higher crop yields.

Security and Privacy

We protect and respect our users privacy. Our platform also offers 2FA security to keep only you in control of your investor panel

Quick Withdraw

We offer a convinient withdrawal method base on our users location.

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Quickly make a deposit into your account with Mobile money to start investing

24/7 Support Team

As an investor, you have access to our technical support team anytime to help you get started easily

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Frequently Asked Question

We’ve answered some of the most frequent questions about our platform. Check here if you want to make sure your questions are answered.

The Elite Nation company is a well organized system in South Africa extending to all parts of Africa and Europe with customer support that will answer all your questions. We have a great vision and believe trust is based on risk, but risk is based on change, so we want you to trust us not just because of what we are offering to you as amazing services but because you should believe our system will change your life and change Africa.
Elite Nation is located in South Africa but is extending to all parts of Africa and Europe such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Germany, France, USA and more..
Elite Nation was founded by Yannick Eyong in 2020 but is taking into light this 2022 due to the company's international reach with a new international board of directors and funding.
Yes, you can, although to start making returns you need to invest just as an account holder you can start referring people and making referral commissions on each of their investments, and creating an account is completely free.
We accept MTN and Orange Mobile Money for deposits and withdrawals which with our system is super fast all over the world, and immediately after investing you get to see your account investment running and your wallet balance.
Elite Nation packages have different referral commissions but for each package you refer someone to buy you make a commission on the investment which you can see on our packages.

Farmer Resources

Updates & Resources

Stay current with top stories on our platform and the Agriculture Industry in Africa

New System Update

New System Update

From the 13th June 2022, all investments 50% will mature into your account every Friday 7 days after your investment weekly maturity period. That is if you invest on wednesday, 7days is next week wednesday but you will get paid next week Friday which is Friday after your 7 Days of your investment maturity period.

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$2Billion In Settlement Funds Shared You Missed Out On.

$2Billion In Settlement Funds Shared You Missed Out On.

It is not everyday that a company offers $2billion in settlement as it happened with Pfizer, what is amazing is the fact that people unrelated in every way and unaffected in anyway are profiting greatly from related settlement cases like this through Elite Nation. Now what bothers me is you whom is reading this now

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What Is Really Elite Nation?

What Is Really Elite Nation?

Been hearing about EliteNation and wondering what it’s all about? I’ll tell u this in the simplest terms,Elite Nation is a goldmine for investors who are searching for great wealth online on a daily basis. How is this possible? Keep reading....

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