Cocoa Farming

Hefarcam addresses the issues behind low cocoa production, enhancing farmers’ abilities to capitalise on global demand and so access a sustainable source of income.

Agriculture Consultancy

Providing farmers with expert knowledge on modern farming techniques through training and consultancy.

Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence provides an excellent opportunity in Agriculture especially fighting climate change…

We’re an AgriTech Startup Leveraging Cloud Technology and AI to improve Farming in Africa.


Help Farmers Cameroon

AI can change the future of agriculture, but we need to help farmers implement it the right way We encourage sustainable farming through providing farmers with the needed skills, Data and needed technology to improve yield and productivity.

We Use AI/Big Data to improve Cocoa Farming.

AI, machine learning (ML) and the IoT sensors that provide real-time data for algorithms increase agricultural efficiencies, improve crop yields and reduce food production costs. Through these technologies, we aim to combat the effect of climate change on productivity, help farmers gain knowledge on sustainable cocoa farming, and increase profitability. 

We aim to use wireless Waspmote sensors and Libelium Meshlium gateway in conjunction with cloud analytics to improve cocoa production and profit margins in the face of climate change, which is a growing threat to the cocoa business.

Help Farmers Cameroon at the forefront of Agricultural Innovation in Africa.

Fighting Farm Yield

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Sustainable Agriculture

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Big Data, AI and IoT use

Leveraging on modern technology and data to improve on the quality and quantity of production.

Community Development Program.

A well structured program designed to improve farmers skills and sustainability.

Storage & Warehousing Solution.

We provide farmers with advanced storage and warehousing solution.

Export and Marketplace

Export and marketplace support helps farmers connect directly external markets with no middlemen interventions.

Let’s change the world together -Bringing Equal Access to Food Anytime.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to fresh, safe, and sufficient food anywhere anytime. We develop our technologies for those who believe in smarter, more sustainable, local food sources. We are ready to help farmers across Cameroon and Africa to start their own farming business of any size using our products with full technological support and training.