Grow your wealth with passive investments in farming and agribusiness.

Agriculture, AgroTech and Food investment continues to break records, reaching a staggering $110 billion in 2020, up more than 21% from 2019.

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The Elite Nation company is a well organized system in South Africa extending to all parts of Africa and Europe with customer support that will answer all your questions. We have a great vision and believe trust is based on risk, but risk is based on change, so we want you to trust us not just because of what we are offering to you as amazing services but because you should believe our system will change your life and change Africa.
Elite Nation is located in South Africa but is extending to all parts of Africa and Europe such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Germany, France, USA and more..
Elite Nation was founded by Yannick Eyong in 2020 but is taking into light this 2022 due to the company's international reach with a new international board of directors and funding.
Yes, you can, although to start making returns you need to invest just as an account holder you can start referring people and making referral commissions on each of their investments, and creating an account is completely free.
We accept MTN and Orange Mobile Money for deposits and withdrawals which with our system is super fast all over the world, and immediately after investing you get to see your account investment running and your wallet balance.
Elite Nation packages have different referral commissions but for each package you refer someone to buy you make a commission on the investment which you can see on our packages.
It’s easy just click register and create your account and start investing with our platform.
It’s easy just click login, fill your account details and instantly get access to your account instantly.
When you create your account you would see your referral link just use it and send to whomever you want to refer to create an account and for every package that person buys with that account you make a commission on that instantly sent to your wallet on our platform and you can withdraw into your Mobile Money Account In Minutes.
Yes anyone can register into the Elite Nation company it requires to KYC or interruptions just deposit and withdrawals seamlessly in just minutes.
You can have only one account with your phone number or email, but can make as many investments as you like in your account.
You will earn from about 9% to 25% Referral Commissions from referring people to invest with the platform.
Elite Nation is an online law investment company that sells settlement case investment bonds as packages where investors can subscribe to these packages and start making 50% commission on their investment weekly for 1 month, making a total turn out of 100% Returns in 1Month.
Elite Nation invest in settlement law, lets go over these with a proper example of how our system works, let's assume we raise 10 Million Rands to invest in a case with strong evidence that predicted to end in a max of 1 month due to the evidence present and the lack of strong defense against solid evidence, cases like marriage divorce due to maltreatment and the woman is requesting for 20% of her husband's estate for compensation on her divorce and damages. The Elite Company funds that case with 10 Million Rands and manages to secure at least 10% of the Estate for the man’s wife, Elite Nation takes 3% of a 10% Estate Acquired Worth Over 300 Million Rands and hence from a 10 Million Rand Investment in the case Elite Nation has made over 90 Million Rands which is a 80 Million in profits over a month of a strong case, we call these kind of cases a gold mine case. Elite Nation pays 20 Million Rands to its investors for the 10 Million Rands Invested and makes a profit of over 70 Million Rands. So we have expanded our reach to find such cases all over Africa and Europe and are still growing and while in the case of no cases available for the company at the moment, the reserve funds of the previously won cases are used to pay the investors till we find another case and execute to make a profit. And we cover over 5 - 10 Gold Mine Cases like this as I explained Yearly.
It’s really easy to just click register, create an account for free, select a package and pay for it and it instantly starts running.
It’s really easy to just select the package you want to re-invest into on your account and pay for it and instantly your new re-invested package starts running.
It’s really easy to just click withdraw and choose your payment method then in a few minutes your withdrawal will come to your mobile money account.
On Elite Nation our minimum package is 2,000CFA/ 52R (Rands) and our maximum package is 5,000,000CFA/128,874R (Rands), but you can invest into our packages as many times as you want.
The Minimum You Can Withdraw a day is 1,000CFA/ 26R (Rands) and the maximum you can withdraw a day is 250,000CFA/ 6,471R (Rands).
Elite Nation head office is presently in South Africa Johannesburg, but we are looking forward before the end of the year to have offices in Nigeria, Cameroon, Germany and USA, all we need are visions bearers from those countries that are major investors and referrals that can get in contact with to set up the offices.